Depending on the modelis, indoor amplifiers are ideal for amplifying the GSM, UMTS or 4G (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile networks) signal for mobile phone in a space where there is no signals (eg. houses, offices, public places, shops, businesses, underground car parks, warehouse etc.), if outdoor a good quality signal is present. 

Offel systems for mobile phone signal amplification are certified products  by laboratories accredited according to the RED Directive 2014/53/EU and subsequent amendments  and all other legal regulations currently in force.  What is the difference between these certified products and those that are not?   Certified products are safe. Designed not to create interference to the signal of the transmitting cells of telephone repeaters  CE certified  Compliant with RED 2014/53/EU directive  Compatible with all telephone operators and brands of mobile devices  Be careful! Using non-certified devices may incur administrative and criminal penalties  (with imprisonment of up to 6 months).

Single band amplifiers

39-495T-AMP 800 20dBmDatasheetInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-500T-AMP 900 20dBmDatasheetInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-505T-AMP 1800 20dBmDatasheetInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-510T-AMP 2100 20dBmDatasheetInstructionPhotoEC Conformity

Sigle band amplifiers

39-511T-AMP 2600 20dBmDatasheetInstructionPhotoEC Conformity

Dual band amplifiers

39-514AT-AMP 800/900 20dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-515AT-AMP 800/900 23dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-516AT-AMP 800/900 27dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-514BT-AMP 800/1800 20dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-515BT-AMP 800/1800 23dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-516BT-AMP 800/1800 27dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-514CT-AMP 800/2100 20dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-515CT-AMP 800/2100 23dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-516CT-AMP 800/2100 27dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-514DT-AMP 800/2600 20dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-515DT-AMP 800/2600 23dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-516DT-AMP 800/2600 27dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-514ET-AMP 900/1800 20dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-515ET-AMP 900/1800 23dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-516ET-AMP 900/1800 27dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-514T-AMP 900/2100 20dBmDatasheetInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-515T-AMP 900/2100 23dBmDatasheetInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-516T-AMP 900/2100 27dBmDatasheetInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-514FT-AMP 900/2600 20dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-515FT-AMP 900/2600 23dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-516FT-AMP 900/2600 27dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-514GT-AMP 1800/2100 20dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-515GT-AMP 1800/2100 23dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-516GT-AMP 1800/2100 27dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-514HT-AMP 1800/2600 20dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-515HT-AMP 1800/2600 23dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-516HT-AMP 1800/2600 27dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-514IT-AMP 2100/2600 20dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-515IT-AMP 2100/2600 23dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-516IT-AMP 2100/2600 27dBmInstructionPhotoEC Conformity

5 bands amplifiers

39-520CT-AMP 5 BANDE 10dBmDatasheetInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-520DT-AMP 5 BANDE 15dBmDatasheetInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-520AT-AMP 5 BANDE 20dBmDatasheetInstructionPhotoEC Conformity
39-520T-AMP 5 BANDE 23dBmDatasheetInstructionPhotoEC Conformity