FAQ: Modulators and transmodulators

How can I distribute foreign channels in a hotel without equip each room with a decoder?

To distribute Free To Air channels (see FAQ K.13) within a hotel TV system without the obligation to equip every room with a SAT decoder, you can use QPSK-COFDM transmodulators. These devices are able to distribute a series of 4 or 5 channels per transponder received as DTT signals. This remodulation offers the benefit of combine them into the existing TV multiband amplifier.
OFFEL art. 16-725 S/D-2, e.g., has a double SAT input to receive two transponders that can also come from different polarizations.

I have some problems to receive RAI and Mediaset channels: can I receive them using the satellite dish instead of an antenna?

Yes, a number of national and private DTT channels is also transmitted by the satellite platform TivùSat (13th EST satellite). In condominiums or hotels distributions, using some transmodulators equipped with Common Interface, just as many CAMs and the appropriate Hospitality Cards of Tivùsat platform, you can receive these SAT signals and distribute them as DTT channels.
There are C.I. transmodulators with one or many SAT inputs. For every input, the transmodulator is able to receive a transponder and distribute up to 5 programs contained into the transponder. OFFEL cod. 16-730 S/D-COM and cod. 16-727 S/D2-COM di OFFEL, e.g., have one and two SAT inputs respectively and just as many Common Interface slots, each of them allows to use a CAM and relative card to decode encrypted signals.

How do I program S/D transmodulators?

To program the S/D series transmodulators you need a computer on which to install the OFFEL CONFIGURATOR software. This software is free and is supplied with the transmodulators, along with the USB cable that connects the S/D modules to the PC (or You can download it at link http://www.offel.it/ita/Download/Software).

I have a later version of the OFFEL CONFIGURATOR software than the S/D transmodulators that I have to program: can I have problems? What happens in the opposite case?

It is always possible to program S/D series transmodulators with the latest version of the OFFEL CONFIGURATOR programming software, since compatibility is ensured even retroactively, but the opposite is not true. That is, it is not possible to program the S/D modules if the version of OFFEL CONFIGURATOR installed on the PC is earlier than that of the transmodulators themselves.

On my PC there is already installed a version of OFFEL CONFIGURATOR Software. Have I to update it with the latest version?

Yes, but only if you purchased new transmodulators that need to be programmed with a newer software version.
In case you need to reprogram transmodulators already in your possession, however, a previous software version might be fine.
Anyway, it is advisable to install the latest version available for two reasons: it includes the latest parameters for the correct reception of the transponders and because, while with the new version of software you can also reprogram the less recent transmodulators, the opposite is not true.
Download the last available version of the software here: http://www.offel.it/ita/Download/Software

What kind of C.A.M. can I match to the transmodulators of S/D series?

Currently there are available two types of professional SmarCAM, which both integrate the Nagravision conditional access system:
cod. 16-733 S/D NAGRA CAM, matched with SAT-DTT
transmodulators (e.g. cod. 16-727 S/D2-COM and cod. 16-730 S/D-COM), is fitted for decoding encrypted satellite programs of TivùSat platform through the use of TivùSat Hospitality smart cards;
cod. 16-734 S/D CAM MEDIASET, instead, matched with DTT-DTT
transmodulators (e.g. cod. 16-740 S/DT-COM and cod. 16-741 S/DT2-COM), is fitted for decoding encrypted digital terrestrial programs of Mediaset Premium platform through the use of Mediaser Premium Hotel professional smart cards.

Why with transmodulators can not I use the CAM which I already use for the decoders, but it is necessary a "professional" one?

Unlike traditional CAMs, employed in domestic environment within decoders and capable of decrypting only one program at a time, a professional CAM is a CAM that, used in conjunction with professional smart cards, it is able to decode more encrypted programs (SAT or digital terrestrial, depending on the model) simultaneously. For this reason, professional CAMs are used in centralized systems, in combination with special receivers, such as S/D series transmodulators. See also FAQ E.8.

I purchased a DTT-DTT transmodulator and a C.A.M. (cod. 16-734). Why don't they work with Mediaset premium card in my possession?

Cod. 16-734 S/D CAM MEDIASET is a professional SmarCAM and it has to be used only matched with Mediaset Premium Hotel professional cards. If you are in possession of a professional smart card, the reason why it doesn't work it could be because the card version is different from the C.A.M. version: the SmarCAM-3.5 (on sale from December 2014) can be used only matched with 32 pid professional cards, while the SmarCAM-2 (sold before December 2014) can be used only matched with 16 pid professional cards. 

In a centralized TV antenna system, is it possible to enable a smart card Hospitality TivùSat without having a valid VAT number?

The enabling of TivùSat Hospitality smart cards (professional cards) for centralized TV systems (such as hotels, condominiums, etc.), to be done directly on the TivùSat site, can only be done if you are in possession of a VAT number.
In case of a condominium, where residents are not required to have a VAT, or in case of a business whose owner has no VAT number, but only the tax code, the TV technician can provide his VAT number to enable the smart card without having to pay a TV license fee for each smart card registered, since these are professional cards for multi-user contracts.

FAQ E.10
I have a Free To Air SAT-DTT transmodulator with which I received the FranceTV channels (France1, France2, France3) transmitted on 5° WEST Eutelsat satellite, but lately the transmodulator seems to not receive them anymore. Why?

For some time the broadcaster FranceTV decided to encode in Viaccess all its channels that before were free on satellite 5 ° WEST.
The free FranceTV channels on Eutelsat's 5° WEST actually are service broadcasts distributed in multistream (i.e. on a same frequency there is the presence of multiple transponders) and as such can not be tuned in with Free To Air SAT-DTT transmodulators .
To watch these channels is therefore necessary to have SAT-DTT transmodulators with Common Interface (such as cod. 16-730 S/DT-COM or cod. 16-727 S/DT2-COM), professional C.A.M.s which integrates the Viaccess conditional access system and related professional smart cards (for which a subscription is required).

FAQ E.11
When the transition to the new DVB-T2 modulation standard will take place, will I need to replace the devices (transmodulators, digital modulators, etc.) that process the signals in DVB-T?

No, it will not necessary.
From the point of view of the reception, the DTT-DTT transmodulators of S/D series are already equipped with DVB-T2 tuner;
From the point of view of the transmission, both the output signals of digital modulators and the output signals of S/D series transmodulators will continue to be received also by DVB-T2 TVs and decoders, since the receivers with DVB-T2 tuner ensure backward compatibility with the signals modulated in DVB-T standard.