S/T FLEX IP series

S/T FLEX IP series

The S/T FLEX IP series transmodulators allow to distribute the IP TV signal over the LAN network.
Each output IP channel can be generated with services from any input.

Available models with 2 or 3 inputs and equipped with 2 Common Interface slots.

All modules require a power supply unit, to be ordered separately (see power supply units).

Programmable by PC using Offel Manager software (downloadable here) and supplied Ethernet connection cable.

Programmable also remotely through Offel server.


Transmodulators KITs with IP output

16-758KKIT S/T FLEX2+DTT-IPDatasheetInstructionPhoto

Digital satellite QPSK transmodulators with IP output

16-756S/T FLEX2-IPDatasheetInstructionPhoto
16-757S/T FLEX4-IPDatasheetInstructionPhoto

Digital satellite QPSK+DTT transmodulators with IP output

16-758S/T FLEX2+DTT-IPDatasheetInstructionPhoto

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