FAQ: SAT and TV-SAT electronic equipment

How can I combine TV and SAT signals?

To combine TV signals with those from satellite you can use TV-SAT mixers, which are devices provided with an input for receiving DTT signals and an input for receiving SAT signals. In multiswitch systems we recommend the use of models with five inputs (4 H-V-H-V SAT inputs and 1 DTT input) because on their derived outputs the TV-SAT signals come already mixed (see FAQ H.2).

Can I receive signals from two different satellites with a single satellite dish?

Yes. You need to install a multifeed for two LNBs and a second LNB on the satellite dish. To connect both the LNBs it is required a DiSEqC switch.
In the case of multiswitches see FAQ H.4.
To learn more about the DiSEqC protocol see FAQ K.3.